FDA Testing Laboratory

Capital was the Mechanical and Plumbing Engineers for this new Federal Food and Drug Administration testing laboratory in Alameda, CA. The proposed HVAC system consists of multiple variable volume air handlers located on the roof on a raised support structure.

Two air handlers serve the Laboratory areas, configured for 100% outdoor air, one redundant. Two air handlers serve the Cleanroom and Trace Metals Instrument areas, configured for 100% outdoor air with HEPA filtered grilles and low returns. Zoning is done with air valves on both supply and exhaust and reheat coils where necessary to maintain pressure requirements. Steam humidification used at the AHUs. Separate fan assemblies serve the ducted Virology Suite, Can Analysis BSC, Sample Prep polypropylene fume hoods and Cleanroom / Trace Metals Instrument rooms. Exhaust fan optimization controls and Phoenix Laboratory air valve controls are integrated into the building EMS system.

Chilled water provided by redundant air cooled chillers and hot water for heating is provided by three high efficiency boilers, one boiler is redundant. The plumbing system consists of several redundant systems. Domestic hot water is generated by two gas fired, condensing water heaters located in the mechanical room. A separate system is provided for the lab Industrial water loop.

This lab requires many different specialty gases (Helium (HE), Nitrogen (N2), Ammonia and Argon) used in directly from cylinders located in the work space. Stainless steel electro-welded piping with nitrogen purge is use with the ultra-pure lab gases.

Easterly with a 20yr leaseback to the Federal Food and Drug Adminstration

Alameda, CA

HKS Architects

Project Value

Project Area
70,000 SF

Completion Date

Delivery Method
(Lusardi Construction)

Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
BIM Integration and Modeling
Full Design and CA Support