Placer County Finance Administration Building

Capital was contracted by Placer County to analyze the existing data center at the Placer County Finance Administration Building. The analysis took into account the current cooling capacity serving the room, the air distribution characteristics, and electrical analysis of the power supplies to the room.

The existing data center contains 22 data racks with two 22-ton floor mounted Liebert computer a/c units serving the room. The a/c units discharge to a 12-inch underfloor plenum, where air is distributed to the racks via perforated floor tiles. The floor tiles were measured t to 18.75% open with a lay-in ceiling at 9 foot above the floor.

The data center was surveyed to locate the racks, floor outlets, and floor cutouts for wiring. Heat dissipation data was received for the racks and compared against values recorded from the electrical connections to the racks. The data center was then modeled in a computational fluid dynamics simulation program to analyze the air distribution from the floor system. Of the five simulated conditions, the optimized approach with hot and cold isles and relocated tiles was selected to maximize heat rejection values allowing for maximum future expansion.

County of Placer

Auburn, CA


Project Value

Project Area
1,465 SF

Completion Date

Master Development Planning
Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics