Calpers Lincoln Plaza North Data Center

As the original designer of the first data center, Capital was contracted to test and model airflow and temperatures as well as review real-time information, captured by a recently installed SynapSense monitoring system, on the 15,000 SF data center.

The data center is comprised of raised floor computer area and multiple chilled water air handling units with built-in water-cooled compressors for backup.

Initial air balance tests disclosed a large percentage of air “leaking” through openings from cabling under the racks, which was rectified by installing seals at all of the openings. To further facilitate a SynapSense recommendation for reducing airflow, a system of curtains and special ductwork was installed to create hot and cold aisles. New equipment with power requirements six-time that of the old equipment further complicated the air reduction implementation. To address the high heat loads, special high-capacity air outlets were installed to match high-density equipment locations.

At the completion of the data center retrofit, the facility was able to shut down one of the computer room air conditioning units and increase the efficiency of the systems by over 40%.

California Public Employees’ Retirement System

Sacramento, CA

Stafford King Wiese Architects

Project Value

Project Area
15,000 SF

Completion Date

Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Energy Conservation Retrofit Analysis and Design