Bell Avenue Elementary School

We provided a cost-effective Wet Sprinkler system for this two-story building consisting of an office administrative section and a classroom section. The site water pressure was extremely low which required us to also provide an adjacent Fire Pump room.

We specified and designed an 80 psi/ 500 gpm pump that fit into the fire pump house adjacent to the project. In doing so we were able to provide a cost savings to the site water routing which the client greatly appreciated.

By working with the architect and code officials we were able to omit sprinkler coverage in certain areas which provided an additional cost savings and removed a possible future nuisance (children playing with exposed sprinkler heads).  

Robla School District

Sacramento, CA

IBI Group

Project Value
Approx $28,000,000

Project Area
18,977 SF

Completion Date

Fire Suppression Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering