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Our key to solving complex
engineering problems

Learn. Innovate. Teach.

As engineers, we are constantly solving problems. Balancing budgets, equipment, technology, code compliance and timelines means we have to be on the ball and current. Combine that with our experience and creativity and we have a solid platform for bringing innovation to every project we work on.

Our engineers regularly share their innovations within Capital—to make us all smarter. We also make it a point to share our knowledge with architects, contractors, developers and even other engineers. It’s just one of the ways we love contributing to the AEC community.

In 2021, we formalized our commitment and processes around learning, innovating and teaching — we affectionately call it LIT. It’s made up of research, collaborative problem solving, experiments, testing and sharing—lots of sharing. We make it a point to get together with the project crew to discuss how our innovations can benefit the entire project.


Some days we are students, researching and learning while on other days, we teach. It is extremely important for us that our clients, architects and owners understand our reasons for suggesting innovative ideas.

Some recent innovations we are proud of:

In keeping with lean construction philosophy, the team relied on Autodesk BIM and Navisworks for collaboration and data management to virtually design and construct the hospital, bringing a level of predictability to the project.

Sutter Health Eden Medical Center

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The features and innovations of the building fully embrace sustainability and The Living Building Challenge™ (LBC), driving it toward the goal of becoming the first Certified LivingBuilding in California that has achieved LEED Platinum V4.

Arch | Nexus SAC Office Remodel

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Transforming an aging middle school
into the first NetZero and Carbon
Neutral campus in California

Leyva Middle School

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State-of-the-art simulation tools modeled
the ideal NZEB systems for this all-electric
high school campus.

Folsom Ranch High School

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The VRV Systems

Discover how the Daikin VRV
systems offers high energy
effeciency compared to traditional
HVAC systems.

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