Fire Sprinkler Design

100% Revit with previsulization
& flythroughs

We do all methods of sprinkler design under NFPA 13 in 100% Revit:

  • Wet systems for basic coverage in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings

  • Dry/ Pre-Action systems for spaces where the pipes may freeze or accidental discharge would cause unwanted damage

  • Chemical systems (Clean Agents) for high-value spaces where shutdown time proves costly like data centers and server rooms

  • FOAM systems for highly volatile areas such as fuel storage tanks, airports, refineries and similar industrial spaces


Architects love the level of coordination we provide

With Revit, architects can import and integrate our fire sprinkler design and previsualize installations even halfway through the project. This prevents costs, confirms aesthetics and significantly reduces roadblocks during CA (Construction Administration) process. 

Our team is proactively involved in ensuring the success of the project.  We collaborate with architects, design and construction teams for multidisciplinary visual coordination to try and avoid constructability issues right from day 1.


Aesthetics, cost & design are all achievable if you have a Capital code nerd on your team

Fire life safety is pretty cut and dry and must be within the scope of the code. But that doesn’t stop us from bringing in innovative ideas for added safety and protection. We think through the codes even before the design stage which helps architects visualize an aesthetically appealing and precisely constructible design. 

Our multi-market code expertise sets us apart as DSA experts so there is no rush to get plans passed or face issues during CA process. 

We have an uncanny ability to foresee potential impediments with respect to spaces, construction, aesthetics and cost which we are able to address through collaboration and bring everything under the purview of the code.

Creating constructible designs that
look good & are budget friendly

While the architects are focussed on creating aesthetically pleasing designs, the owners’ focus is centred around keeping these designs within their budgeted costs. However, if the design is not within the parameters of the code, whatever the budget, the project will not reach fruition. 

Capital’s experienced team and their code nerds provide expert coordination between the design team, architects and the owners to bring to life, a code compliant, aesthetically pleasing design.

Fire Sprinkler Design
Featured Projects

Bell Avenue Elementary School

We provided a cost-effective Wet Sprinkler system for this two-story building consisting of an office administrative section and a classroom section.

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Shasta College Computer Information Systems Building

For this small but technical computer information systems facility, our team provide Fire Sprinkler Design services for a wet-pipe Sprinkler system that covered the majority of the spaces.

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Fire Sprinkler Lead

Steven Lopez

Senior Associate, Director of Fire Sprinker Design