A great place for meaningful work.

We create conditions for your success.

Advancement is a key indicator of success so we ensure that there are no barriers for you to work your way up. Our processes are transparent and teams, peers and seniors are encouraged to nominate their co-workers for senior and/or new roles. 

We provide you with the best tools to continually learn and grow while also training you to deliver superior service to clients. An ideal example would be our Project Management training, where we prepare our technical staff for a potential future role in project management.

We also have an associate program that recognizes those special individuals who consistently meet or exceed Capital’s Core Values. These are the values we rely on for day-to-day business decisions. Our expectations from the people we work with and our clients are entrenched in these core values.  Read our CORE VALUES here.

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We are a great place for meaningful work. We are good samaritans who seek meaningful projects for clients that care about the community and the environment. Our love for engineering and helping people empowers us with a desire to create healthy spaces. Our work breathes life into buildings.

A place to learn, innovate & teach, a place for you to grow

We are pretty darn proud of our comprehensive employee development & training program.


In addition to the associate program and project manager training, Capital hosts a myriad of “lunch and learns” given by staff who may have recently returned from a conference, where they have picked up information worth sharing with the rest of the staff, or by manufacturers who come in to train or introduce product lines. 

You may feel a little nostalgic as we take you back to school in a training room designed to accommodate 20-30 staff and presenters in a classroom format. In fact, you will be attending lectures, with course handouts, homework, and tests. The programs such as Plumbing 101 and HVAC 101 consist of multiple sessions with a final exam. You’re also awarded a certificate upon passing the course.

Advanced education

We encourage further education should you want to specialize in a specific sector or just increase your knowledge. We have supported two of our managers in obtaining their Masters’ degrees and have enrolled almost our entire executive team for an intensive management program.

We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and we are all about saying thanks to individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether through internal advancement opportunities, bonuses for longevity and loyalty to the firm or a simple thank you, efforts are recognized.

Our benefits and salaries are unmatched in the industry

Capital strives to pay top salary for all staff levels, which is evident by the tenure of the employees. We have a high retention rate. Salaries are reviewed on a yearly basis. Reviews are based on face-to-face employee meetings to discuss progress, past performance, goals, and opportunities to increase their value to the firm. 

Our goal is to help every one of our staff succeed. Our success is tied to yours. 

We recognize our hard-working employees with yearly discretionary merit bonuses and place a great deal of emphasis on our benefits package, which is unmatched in the industry. We periodically poll our clients and collaborating design professionals to see what packages they are offering and try to exceed the norm on all levels.


Capital is an engineering hotbed for innovation, creative thinking and practical results. 

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Current Job Opportunities


At Capital, we take our core values very seriously. They are the constitution for our company, and the principles that guide every decision we make.

Be excellent

Excellence is our way of life.

We are experts in our field with a legacy of excellence to uphold. We are an incubator for the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in every member of the Capital team. Because we are trusted for our expertise, we consider excellence as a way of life!

Own it

Problems arise to be solved. Challenge accepted!

At the end of the day, we are problem solvers. We own what we say and do—it’s all about integrity. We hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our designs. It is our recipe for success.

Do good

We are a great place for meanigful work.

We are good samaritans who seek meaningful projects for clients that care about the community and the environment. Our love for engineering and helping people empowers us with a desire to create healthy spaces. Our work breathes life into buildings.


Learn. Innovate. Teach.

We are driven to do better, to dive into our creative reservoir and innovate. We are always learning, improving and adapting. We have a hunger for solving complex problems and an insatiable curiosity for finding a better way. Our ingenuity shows up in our projects, relationships and even during our annual Christmas ornament building contest.

Build lasting relationships

Show that you care.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in our work and relationships and it shows. We are loyal to our clients and committed to the growth of our people, constantly nurturing important relationships. We give our clients a reason to be their firm of choice and our people a reason to build their careers at Capital.

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Current Job Opportunities